Discover How You Could Become a Highly Successful, Respected & Powerful Database List Owner!

"The Magic Formula For List Building Success"

by Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson

This 'tell all' audio MP3 runs for 80 minutes and CANNOT BE PURCHASED ANYWHERE ELSE (includes a full transcript of the entire session):
Here is just a little of what you'll hear in this totally exclusive audio:
How I personally used one of my secretly built systems to generate over 2 MILLION ad impressions for my own sites and a few other lucky list builders in a little under 2 months! (This took less than 30 minutes to set up.)
Discover the most important thing you must do before even thinking about building a list (this vital piece of the puzzle, when missed, is what leads to the huge failure rate for most list builders.)
How I personally built a list of more than 60,000 targeted, responsive subscribers in less than 18 months starting from scratch.
How to 'filter' and recruit only responsive leads. How to weed out the 'freebie seekers' and then build a strong relationship with people almost instantly.
Discover a simple to implement tactic that will sky rocket your conversion rates on new subscriptions. (you are probably neglecting to do this and throwing away thousands of dollars because of it)
How to effectively get free advertising in other newsletters/ ezines. In fact I'll share my secret tactic that gets me TOTALLY 100% FREE advertising (no upfront or backend costs at all!)
An immensely powerful 2 step tactic that will have affiliates and JV partners fighting amongst themselves to promote your site. (This tactic can add thousands of new subscribers to your list OVERNIGHT and make you an instant online celebrity!)
The information you should be collecting now to protect yourself from spam complaints and avoid being shut down by your host. This includes details on the type of information you must give people to cover yourself legally. (I really don't need to tell you just how bad this could get if you don't)
A mistake that can be fatal to your online business (in fact it could kill it stone dead) and a simply daily routine you must get into to stop it happening.
How frequently should you mail your list? It's a common question. Following this simple rule will mean you NEVER get it wrong. (works in any niche)
How to win affiliate contests and promotions even when you're competing with giant list builders (I'll explain out to make mince meat out of 'guru's' with 200,000+ subscriber lists)
How to avoid a common mistake that will KILL any relationship you may have with your new subscribers? (You could be making this mistake already and not even know about it)
The key to great converting, successful promotions - and why even awesome deals fall flat (hint: it's not always about the offer)

Plus, for the first time ever I will publicly discuss my own sites:

I'll tell you how I built a list of 1,800 subscriber without even knowing about it (really it's true, even I'm embarrassed to admit it)

One of my sites with 44,000 subscriber members in it and how it grows without me even promoting it. (I worked just 3 or 4 days in August and spent the rest of the time 'slacking off' but it still recruited over 1,800 new members and thousands in profits!)

I'll explain why giving people multiple options and differing access to a site increases conversions across the board - This technique can pull people back to paid membership six months or even a year after they first visit your site.

How to take the 'selling fear' psychology away from your affiliates and help them and you generate huge income

The site I launched which got over 12,000+ members in just a few months built almost entirely by other people. You'll learn how this site is quietly making sales on complete autopilot (anyone could do this in ANY niche)

This is the full - nothing left out - nothing hidden and nothing kept back interview that people have been waiting for -

Only ElistSecrets.com members get to listen in.

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Okay - Is this sounding good to you?
Are you liking what you've seen so far?

Good, but we really haven't scratched the surface yet.

There are lots more bonuses coming your way:

Here a just a few more of them:

You'll Receive 5 List Building Courses!

You can read these online in the member area, print them out and read them offline or subscribe and get them delivered to your inbox!

Starting Your Opt In List

Starting Your Opt In List

Learn the basics how and why to start your own opt in list with this course. Learn…

* Why you should start your own newsletter
* How newsletter publishers think
* Which ezine format is best for you
* How to create content
* Choosing your newsletter topics
* How to build your mailing list
* List building methods to avoid
* How to create landing pages that convert
* How to set up one time offers
* Autoresponder basics


Free Traffic Guide

FREE Traffic Guide

Your Guide To Generate Free Traffic. Learn…

* How to use articles to get traffic to your site
* How to get your articles out to the masses
* Turning articles into ebooks to suck in traffic
* How to use reciprocal linking to get visitors
* Converting your free traffic into subscribers
* And More!


Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can be a very good thing for internet businesses, especially small ones that are just starting up. Learn….

* What viral marketing is
* How to create a buzz
* Using ebooks in your viral marketing
* How to use email marketing
* Using blogs
* Other methods of viral marketing
* And more!


Create A Mailing List

Create A Mailing List

Create your own successful E-zine (or newsletter) where your subscribers are interested in what you have to say. Learn…

* Why a mailing list is essential to your business
* How to create your own ezine
* Methods to gain subscribers
* And More!


List Building Success

List Building Success

The first step in successful list building is to begin with the end in mind. In other words, spending some time initially deciding what your goals are for your list and how it will be used will enable you to create a stronger list. Learn…

* What an online mailing list is
* How to get your emails delivered
* What information to collect
* Legislation and laws you need to be aware of
* How to grow your list
* Different types of lists
* How to manage your lists
* What list building tools you need
* And more!

The goal here is to help YOU

As a fellow marketer I was just sick of the hype and high priced products and seminars that don't teach anything new and make things out of reach for common hard working folks.

ElistSecrets.com is very different as I hope you've now seen and you can join and learn how to start building or improve on your own high quality mailing list right now.

Okay, I'm guessing the only question on your mind right now is 'how much does all this cost... It's going to be expensive isn't it?'...

Well if that's what you're thinking then let me put your mind at ease.

Membership doesn't cost $997.00.

It doesn't even cost $497.00.

So if I said membership cost $197.00… would that seem reasonable?

It'd be a steal - But it doesn't cost that either -

Because my goal for this site was to make it affordable for everyone. That's why you can become a member for just $97.00 00 (and no this is not a monthly fee)

Yes, for a tiny one time payment of just $97.00 a lifetime membership to ElistSecrets.com is yours...

Take Action Right Now And Learn How to Start Building and Optimizing Your Lists!

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To Your Incredible Success

P.S. Please take advantage of this killer price today, right now the site is in full recruitment mode and I am price testing. You get an incredible deal but I can assure you it won't be on the table for long - Once we hit a certain number of members expect to see the price at least double and probably triple. By joining us now you lock in at this fabulous rate and get the best deal that will ever be offered here.


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