This is one of the best memberships I ever joined. Rich content,very good navigation and professional customer care. When you have those 3 things at the level Elist has you are in the field of Major Leagues!

paolo orlando
Best mewmbership
Wow, this is just like a permanent Giveaway! It's probably one of the best membership sites I've had the good fortune to find and join.

I will keep coming back to see what's been added, and put to good use those things that will add to my marketing potential! Between this site and your SureFire Wealth site, I'm all set!

Bert Peters
Hi Jeremy,

Thanks so much for these amazing resources. I'm really impressed with the depth, simplicity and width of input. Plus it's full a multi-media eLearning center! Wish I had this when I started out. Now this will equip me for the next level and give me affiliate products.

To your abundant success,

Peter Guess
Hi Jeremy,

After listing to the audio and reading your material I would be happy to promote your membership site,' elistSecrets.com'.

I am impressed once again with the information you are giving your members, but Iím not surprised because being a member of a few of your other site like Membership Millionaire, SureFireWealth.com, Member Speed and many other you always seem to over deliver

Jeremy, it is indeed a pleasure to be a member of this site.

Well done!

Roosevelt Simmons
The web site has much needed information.I'll be upgrading soon!Keep up the good work.

Michael Thorne
This is an excellent membership! You have created a huge listbuilding package - A truely helpful brain storming session. All the information in one place - to profit for the years to come. This is a GOLDMINE of information. I found real advice about getting new subscribers, creating highly responsive lists and building long term profitable strategies. I urge anyone to jump onboard this very second. Thank you for putting all this together.

Max Lund
With all of the information out there on list building, it is very refreshing to be a member of a site based on honesty and truth.

I have been extremely impressed with all of the hands on experience you share about list building. Listening to Jeremy and Simon share their incredible knowledge (as well as the other experts) has been invaluable for my growth as an Internet Marketer.

I endorse elistsecrets without hesitation or reservation. If you really want to supercharge your listbuilding, you must upgrade to Deluxe membership.

Albert Grande
Pizza Man
I just signed up for the Deluxe Membership and am very excited about what I will learn and how I can apply it to my online business.

Thanks Jeremy for a great Membership
Bob Tompkins

Bob Tompkins
WOW - How much information!

Truely amazing for anyone wanting all the information in one place at their fingertips to profit for the years to come.

Ideal for newbies and expert marketeers alike - there is something for everyone.


Roger Cater
Hey Jeremy,

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that your new membership site is very useful and complete I must say.

Even though I've been doing business online for over 2 1/2 years now, I'd say it'll give the "newbie" marketer the "know-how" on how to effectively establish, grow, profit and generally make the most out of their list and traffic.

Lots and lots of great resources you've shared too.

Absoultely love it. Will recommend ANYONE wanting to POWER-UP their List & Traffic.

Thanks for creating another "must-have" membership site.

Aurelius Tjin
Well Jeremy,

You really pulled off another GREAT Member site for sure my friend.

I've only begun to skim over things But am already overwhelmed with what lies ahead for me in 2007 and beyond.

I urge anyone, especially thriving Entrepreneurs, to jump onboard this Very second..They will be truly greatful to you in just a few moments.

Thank you for all the work you do!

God Bless,

Roy Fielding
Hot Software For Business
Excellent information available. Will certainly upgrade to Deluxe soon.

Kuhan Thasan
Many good tips, I am new and these courses are very nice

Supri Yanto



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